Vision and Mission

Our Philanthropic Academic Vision :

In loving memory of our founding fathers, Great Mathematicians, Late Sri B L Mishra and Late Sri S N Mishra, We are inspired to serve the students who love mathematics. As inspirational mathematics teachers, Our founding fathers helped many students to bring laurels to our district (Jamui – Bihar) and to their respective families. They worked tirelessly for this social cause of teaching students and helping them to nurture their future.

After doing our research on the existing Maths’s portals, We found materials lacked exhaustive and in depth coverage as far as H.Sc. board is concerned. So, We got more motivated to take an initiative and design materials for the site that would serve the purpose in its entirety.
The prime motive of this site to empower students who are located on social margins with mathematical skills and aspire to excel at Maths in the Board Exams as well as the competitive Exams.

Mission :
Initially the web site (Let’s Play with Maths) will be uploaded with solution of entire Math’s Text book of 11th & 12th H. Sc. Board. It will have test series and Mock Tests series for Board Exams as well as MHT-CET with solution along with JEE – Mains test papers with solution. But, very soon in the coming future, we will upload for CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, as well as NTSE, Olympiad and KVPY. Students will have free access to the contents.