Personal Care & Counseling

It has been seen that every student has a different I.Q. level and learning traits. A bigger group or large sized batches do not provide a conducive ambience of learning for a good number of students.
So, Lets Play with Maths has designed a program in Maths, where it would train students with providing personalized care and individualized teaching along with individual Counseling. This program is aimed at both Board level Exams and Competitive Exams.
This program will ensure that students learn the subject {Maths} at their own learning speed and concepts are taught in a gradual fashion where students learning level moves from one stage to another stage in a systematic way.
Contents and test papers are designed to ensure that fundamental and core concepts of Maths are taught first. So, students are equipped with the strong foundation at Maths.

Why a holistic Counseling!

Learning skills are not always dependent upon I.Q. of a student. There are always other factors that play a crucial role in acquiring the expertise in the particular Subject.
The cognitive process of learning also depends upon the emotional intelligence of a student. The preconceived fear or dislike of Maths as a subject also retards the learning process and demotivates students.
While learning Maths as a subject, how students remain stress free, develops a strategy and follows a systematic time management play an important role in learning Maths and acquire mastery over it.
The holistic counseling involves dealing with all those aspects mentioned above and it enables students to acquire focus, concentration and feel strongly motivated towards . . . Maths.