The Website “lets play with maths” is specially made for students who come across the difficulty in understanding and solving the Math problems. The site provides students with wide range of Questions with Solutions of varying difficulty level in Maths for Engineering exam, Board exam and various other Competitive exams.

Here we participate as TEAM to discuss and understand the Problems and Solutions.

Our Core Counseling Team (Experts from Various Industries) is counseling and guiding the students from various background.

Maths : A Myth and Reality

A pernicious myth has been perpetuated that MATHS is a difficult and complicated subject. One needs to have inborn genetic ability to solve convoluted Maths problems.

Contrary to the prevailing myths, it is an interesting subject and strong foundation helps students in every domain they choose whether it is Science and Technology ,Computer Science, Medicine, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy ,CAT,SAT , JEE- Mains / Advanced &MHT-CET.

Lets Play with Maths intends to create an attitude and aptitude to Maths among students wherein they learn Maths in depth and becomes familiar with every aspect of Maths at the higher and secondary level coupled with Mathematical problems up to JEE & Main/Advanced and RMO level.

The holistic approach of Lets Play with Maths would enable students learn formulas ,exponents and equations conceptually as well as their application in different and indirect situations. The whole idea is to demystify and debunk the notion where Maths is perceived as a horrible monster that scares students and give sleepless nights before the School, Board and the entrance Exam.

The most substantial and concrete advantages of learning Maths are that it sharpens the analytical and reasoning ability and engage mind to think and visualize various alternative directions and routes. It is only subject that opens up the corridor of Infinity and at the same time, make you realize that either you are wrong or right with your answer and it equips with a language that is applied and based on accuracy and it does not have adjectives like tentativeness and approximations.